Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lorenzo and Avery turn ONE

Because Avery and Lorenzo are just one day apart we decided to have a joint Birthday
. It was a small event consisting of mostly family. Incase you couldn't tell, Lorenzo really enjoyed the cake or should I say the frosting.

365 Days

It is hard to believe that so many days can go by soo fast. One year ago I had a tiny baby and now.... I have this little monster.

This wagon was Chris's present to Lorenzo. Both of them absolutely love it. Lorenzo is happiest riding it while standing up.....He is without a doubt his Fathers son.

Ice Cream Thief

The other night we had the missionaries over for dinner. For dessert we had Ice cream Cones. Needless to say, mine was stolen by Lorenzo. He was really good about sharing with me and he was enjoying it very much so we were both sad when it ended like this......Unfortunate!