Sunday, July 19, 2009


THe Trockel Boys

Our House Guests....Thank you soo much for all of your help!!!

Blessing Day

Baby Solomon

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lorenzo meets Brother

This is the very first moment that Lorenzo saw his Baby Brother.

Friday, July 10, 2009


5 July 2009

Last week I anxiously looked forward to the arrival of our second son. Everyday I went for big walks and tried to overexert myself as much as possible. All of this was pointless because that baby didn't want to come out. Finally on the 4th I gave up and accepted the fact that I was going to have to wait until I was induced on Monday morning to see any real progress. Well, on Sunday morning at 2:30am I was awakened with the uncontrollable need to pee. After returning to bed I had a really good contraction. At this point I thought that I should probably start paying attention to the time and how far apart they were. Seven minutes later I had another good one and my water broke or should I say exploded. My water broke with Lorenzo and I didn't have real contractions until they started me on the pitocin six hours later. Soo..I thought I had some time....I was wrong. By the time I was dressed, had called the doctor, waited for the doctor to call back and had a blessing I was really starting to feel the time was close. Chris got us to the hospital in good time, he only hesitated when trying to decide wether to use the "deliveries" entrance or ER. As soon as we entered the hospital I was feeling the urge to push. Chris thankfully is great with a wheelchair. First we had to stop at security... then we had to wait for a lady to come escort us to Labor and Delivery...this lady moved like a snail and kept complaining to us about her garlic breath. When we finally got to L&D we had to sign a bunch of paper work and other things and finally we got into the room. At this point the nurse lady starts to tell me to put the gown on...but then she saw the way I was clinging to Chris saying I have to push and they both quickly got me on the bed and she ran for backup. I'll spare you any more details but I will say that Solomon Sandmeyer Trockel was born Nine minutes later at 3:47am. After parking the car my mom barely had enough time to see him born. He was considerably bigger than Lorenzo weighing in at 8lbs 4oz. He is a healthy happy baby and we are soo blessed to have him.

Unfortunately, with that Swine Flu going around, the hospital changed it's policy on visitors and no one under the age of 14 was allowed. So Lorenzo was not able to meet his baby brother for a couple of days. It was really adorable when they did meet. I will post a video of it later.

Thank you to my dear loving family for helping out with Lorenzo....and everything else we miss you so much already. Also, thank you sooooo much Deseree' for being the best big sister a girl could ever have.

PS I am sorry that I haven't called anyone....I am really tired....and I am really forgetful.