Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, once again i went totally crazy for Halloween. What can i say? I am nuts. SO, this year i wanted Lorenzo to be Pinocchio. And since I love me a theme...we all played a part. Solomon became Jiminy Cricket....i think we need a moment of silence or squealing or something for how cute the kid was...honestly he is a show stopper. My darling husband was to be Geppetto and so that left me to be either Stromboli the puppet-master or the Blue Fairy. I opted for the Blue Fairy and made myself a sweet blue prom dress... J/K it was hideous. Anyway, I really outdid myself. I hate to pat my own back or whatever but these outfits were amazing AMAZING. The pictures don't even come close to doing them justice. AND like i said last year....sometimes it pays to be obsessed with Halloween. This year the boys won $75 in gift cards to Toys r Us and $20 to AC Moore. But more importantly than that. It was so much fun and the boys loved every minute of it....okay, so did Chris and I.

 The Sowell Family did an excellent portrayal of Mary Poppins and Friends. Deseree' was Practically Perfect in Every Way!!

 Enzo and Solo with the cousins. Violette, Penelepe and Oliver
 Pinocchio and the cutest Dorothy I have ever seen!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deseree's Birthday

For Deseree's Birthday, MommaLee came to visit. It was soo much fun. I am really glad Deseree' has such a full house because that means Mom gets to stay with me when she visits. Well, we wanted to do something special for Deseree' because she is the sweetest thing on earth and we love her soo much. So, we had a little Milk and Cookies party. We made all her favorite cookies and had a collection of milks to sample. It was really fun! Happy Birthday!! We love you from the bottom of our hearts!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Solomon....isn't he the cutest?

 I was pushing the stroller and Lorenzo was riding his bike. Then he offered to pull it...he is soo sweet. It took a couple minutes, but we figured out how to make it work.

 Lorenzo made hearts for some of his friends. Then we did a doorbell ditch with them and rice krispies. Even though it was pouring rain he had a ton of fun.