Monday, March 31, 2008

Lorenzo's First Spaghetti Dinner

By the end he had some indigestion.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sleepers

This is what I love about being a Momma.

The Baine of My Existence

Can someone please tell me how to spell bain. So, last week on craigslist I found what I have always dreamed of...a piano of my very own. Everyday since we moved in to our new house I have been looking for one, because what home is complete without one. Well, let me tell you this, the piano below is a home wrecker.

If you ever get the opportunity to buy a piano from a smoker, I highly recommend that you pass...even if it is a good deal. For four days I tried everything to get the smell out. Nothing worked and finally Chris could no longer take the wonderful combination of cigarettes and vinegar.

So now our piano sits in the garage, hopefully clearing its every nook and cranny of tar and grossness.

Chris is happy to see it gone, but Lorenzo really misses it. I don't know where I stand, it is such a love hate relationship. I think we just need a couple months apart to work things out. Sometimes separation is a good thing.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Steps

Lorenzo has been wanting to walk for a few weeks now. We have been practicing with him, but he has only ever taken a few steps. This is how he did tonight.

Surfer Boy

Chris thinks it is Lorenzo's destiny. I think it is his only bath toy.

The Joy of Homeownership

Christopher is currently on Spring Break. I wanted to go on a cruise, but this is what he wanted to do. NOT!!

UGHH!!! In order to appease the Town of Tonawanda we have to relocate our sump pump. What a pain!!!! As if digging a hole big enough for that black bucket wasn't bad enough, to top it off, the hole is full of water. (NO pun intended) And when you empty the hole it immediately fills right back up. What a mess!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Are you looking at me?

OH!!!!! Lorenzo, who isn't looking at you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunshine and Snowmen

The beginning of last week was so nice. I thought spring had come, and to celebrate Lorenzo and I spent most of the day outside. We walked to the library and went to the park (not once, but twice). We were still playing when the sun went down.

If only it could have lasted. It was okay though, because the storm I had been looking forward to all winter finally came. All winter I waited for the "Buffalo" snow to come. It was soo delightful, and we had a lot of fun in it. But now I think we all are ready for spring.

I have three other pictures that i have been trying to add all morning. i hate this thing i will add them later.