Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Evelyn Adair Trockel

Sunday Morning I woke up with my first contraction at 5:04. It wasn't super hard but it was a contraction so I started keeping track. Over the next hour they got closer until they were about 5 minutes apart. I then called my AWESOME friend Rachel Shaw for her to come be with the kids. While we waited I grabbed last minute things and Chris gave me a blessing. It was really comforting and in it he said that our baby girl was very excited to come to our family....that was good to know. Well, when we got in the car to go to the hospital my contractions slowed way down, but when I walked into the hospital they picked up again. It was about 7:15 when we got in and they hooked me up to the monitors. And pretty much my contractions stopped. After more than an hour they had me get up and walk. As soon as I was walking they came back, but I still walked for about an hour and a half just to make sure they were good and regular again. When I laid back down to be monitored again, you guessed it, they stopped. Well, not completely, but the contractions I was having the machine wasn't registering...I assure they were big enough to register. SOo when the nurse came to check on me after a half an hour and it looked like I wasn't having any contractions she totally thought it was false labor...even I was questioning it then. How embarrassing though, I have had three other births, you think I would know what real labor was. At this point they tried to see how far dilated I was, which was hard to do because my cervix was posterior. Well, after all that I was only at a 2....are you kidding? The nurse called my doctor and and he didn't call back for about 45 minutes and when he did he told them to send me home. She gave me a big speech about what to look for in real labor and she told me to go eat and drink something. It was about 12:15 and I hadn't eaten or drank anything really since 7 the night before. Take a shower, get some rest and you'll be back within a couple days. She then had me get dressed to leave. This was me then.
As soon as I stood up to get dressed I had a REAL contraction, and another before I had finished getting all the way dressed. I knew this was the start of my labor, But what was I supposed to do they were discharging me and I didn't really want to argue because I had been there for 5 hours and nothing had happened. I went out to sign my discharge papers and she again lectured me on not coming back until my water broke or I was having contractions regularly, then she asked me to sign my discharge papers. I couldn't for about 20 seconds and she just kept looking at me, but I was in the middle of a contraction and I just couldn't do it. She then commented that it would be a lot easier to discharge me if I wasn't breathing like that, but they did anyway. 
Chris and I were both starving so we went down the street to Denny's. I had two contractions from the car to the front door and I knew that I wouldn't make it through a sit done meal, plus I didn't want to have to be breathing through my contractions while other patrons gawked at me. I opted for the Burger King drive thru across the street. Chris started to walk there as I headed to the car, there was no way I could walk there and IF I could there was nooo way I would make it back. I don't think chris understood how close I was to having this baby. As we were pulling out of the drive thru he asked if we should go home or find some where to eat. I quickly informed him that we needed to go back to the hospital. He kept telling me that it was okay, that I didn't need to be embarrassed, we didn't even have to tell anyone that we had been sent home that we could just pretend that we were still at the hospital. I insisted that we had to go back to the hospital. As I waited for him to finish...I couldn't eat anything at this point for fear of puking...I got all our stuff back out of the car to go inside. It took him a while to understand that I didn't want to go back, I NEEDED to go back. He  kept insisting that he wanted to wait outside longer...let's wait as long as we can out here, it is soo much better than laying in there hooked to the monitors. Which he was right, but I wasn't planning on being hooked to the monitors again. It took a little while to make it back up to the third floor because my contractions were like 30 seconds apart and I couldn't move during one. When we got up to Labor and Deliver Chris understood the urgency, unfortunately the front desk lady didn't, considering I had been discharged not quite an hour earlier. I needed to use the bathroom and as I sat on the toilet I had a contraction that came with an urge to push. NOt GOod....I came out and tried to hurry things along but that lady had a very non-important phone call that she had to finish. Finally, she took me back to triage....where I refused to sit on the bed because I wanted to go to a delivery room. She got super bratty then and basically threw my paperwork at the triage nurse and said that I had JUST been discharged. The nurse took one look at me and saw how I was breathing and knew I was in actually labor, but remembering I was at a 2 not long ago thought we had ample time. WE didn't! I had to push and I told her that. It took a couple minutes, but I soon was in a delivery room and the nurses were calmly saying to call the doctor she was just at a two. But when they checked and I was complete and there was the head, they quickly called for Dr. Peterson. It was really confusing and I wanted to push, but I didn't think I was supposed to because there was no Dr. in the room. Well, he came in and our sweet little Evelyn Adair was born at 1:35 weighing 6 pounds and 1 ounce and she was 19 1/2 inches long. She was really darling from the beginning even though she was covered in gunk. 
I was really exhausted. 
The kids were super excited to meet her. Rachel had taken them to church and Lorenzo kept telling everyone that we were at the hospital getting our new sister. Wren didn't want to touch or kiss her. She wanted to say Baby over and over but when we asked her to kiss her, she would say NO NO.

I have to give my thanks to Rachel, Who really is an Amazing Friend!! She went above and beyond the call of friendship. Thank you for Everything that you did for all of us. Also, a big thanks to Lisa for watching our little Eliza Wren. 
Rachel made some really cute headbands for Evelyn. Solomon always says that Evelyn looks like a boy and will bring me a headband to put on her. 
This is the onsie that Solo painted for her. He was soo happy to see her in it.