Friday, January 28, 2011

Rachel and Ryan

Ryan and Rachel, two of our most wonderful friends, are trying to adopt. They are really amazing and will make the greatest parents ever....Seriously, I am not just saying that because they are my friends. Please click on the link in my sidebar for more information on them... be prepared to fall in love.

Monday, January 3, 2011

IT's A.......

At my 12 week appointment the Doctor and Chris were convinced that it was a boy. I kept thinking, 12 weeks is really early  and it could have been it's external genitalia or something else because I just knew it had to be a girl.  Well, Chris told the whole world it was a boy. I told him not to, but he was soo in love with the idea of three boys, just like him, Dale and Marty. Needless to say it is a GIRL....A most obvious one at that. I am beyond excited!! Even though the Dr. spent alot of time making sure it was a girl, Chris is still holding fast to the boy idea. He claims that you couldn't see anything in the Ultrasound...I could tell instantly. Once you have had a couple of boy ultrasounds you can definitely tell if something is missing. Plus.......the Chinese calendar never lies!
 Lorenzo is really happy too. He has been asking for his Baby Sister ever since Solomon was born. Thankfully he doesn't want to name her T-Rex anymore.
I would post one of the pictures from the ultrasound, but they suck! I love my OB, but she seriously gives the worst pictures. I showed them to a couple people and there was only confusion....what is that?