Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Wow!!! Who knew I could look so Hot!!......Well, this picture pretty much sums up the past few months.

Just kidding......I know that I have totally fallen off the "Blog Wagon" but don't worry I'm back.

Okay....first and foremost I am Pregnant! We are all (including Lorenzo) very excited and are anxiously awaiting Baby's arrival in late June.

Secondly to explain the above picture...Every time the Trockels get together at least one person must get hurt, I was the lucky one this time.

Lexi and Anika had both gone caving in Snow Canyon and convinced us that it would be a good time. They were right!!! It was really, really fun. We took glow sticks down with us and when we got to the big cavern at the end we broke them and flung the juice all over the walls and ourselves....then we played hide and go seek...it was pretty sweet.
On the hike out I stood up when I wasn't supposed to....hence the bleeding head. Thankfully it was at the end of the excursion and not the begining.

Also, while visiting my family in St. George. Mark, Whitney and Quinn stopped by to say hello. It was, as Quinn would say, Awesome to see them. I love you guys and I really wish we lived closer......I never realized I was so short.

After visiting St. George we went to stay with my Big Brother Ezra in Lehi. It was really great staying with him and Ashley....Thanks so much for having us.

Christopher was lucky enough to hold the Olympic Torch.

Chris says he wants Lorenzo to get into this....Thankfully we don't live close enough to a training facility for that to be a logical desire.

It was great seeing all the Olympic stuff in Park City and I was really fun hanging out with Chris's cousins.

Well......MARTY got married. They are really happy! Thats great.