Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sorry....I know Halloween was sooo last week, but we had a horrible stomach flu and I really haven't felt like doing an update.

I love Halloween!! Every year, I start thinking about it in probably.... June. This year was really hard because I wanted to dress all three of us in coordinating outfits. I had been stressed about finding the exact right costumes for us right up until three days before the big night.
Thankfully, mad scientists....or science majors (same dif) were right up our alley. Lorenzo and I dressed up 3 times.....I told you I love Halloween. The first was for our Ward party. It was really fun, some people were really confused though. I had picked Marty (Chris's little Brother) up from the airport on the way to the party.

Everyone thought it was Chris, but knew that it didn't really look like him, sooo that was funny. Deseree' and I made some wickedly sweet cupcakes for the party too.
The next day we went with Deseree' and Candice to the mall for trick or treating. It was alot different than I expected and Lorenzo puked on the way home so that shows you how he felt about it.

On the actual night of Halloween we went trick or treating with Nemo (Avery). They were really cute! I didn't actually think that they would walk up to the door and hold their bags out....but they did. We also went to the Haunted Firehall. Thankfully we had Lorenzo with us so they really took it easy on us. I hate haunted houses....they're too scary. Also we went to a party at the Magnificent Moellers and it was marvelous. Every year I am sad to see the end of this great Holiday.....not this year. I am happy it is over....but don't worry I will start looking forward to it again in June.