Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween night

I know that you guys are soo sick of Halloween photos, but I, obviously, am not.

We started the night off at the Broward Mall. What a disappointment!!!! When we left, the boys each had three pieces of candy. It was fun to see all the kids though...all the other Supermen and Batmen. The best was when a Spiderman was passing us and he and Lorenzo spontaneously gave each other a high five!

Another funny moment, was when Lorenzo started complaining of a toothache....the son of a Dentist on Halloween night getting a toothache....slightly comical. Thankfully it was not a real toothache it was just that his duck tape mask was too tight...also slightly comical.

This year we didn't win any costume contests...only because we couldn't find any;)
but a couple different people did stop me and asked to take Wren's picture, so that was fun.

Halloween in the Park

Batman ripped his suit in the defense against evil.....Until his super suit could be mended he had to fight the bad guys in something, so he became a Cowboy.

the cowboy hat made donut on a string impossible

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Unfortunately it rained, so the trunk or treat was held inside the church. It was still really fun. Lorenzo was old school Batman, Solomon was Superman and Eliza Wren was Catwoman. Chris was a Boxer and I was a Gypsy. It was a lot of fun.  

These are our friends Lucy and Ella...I think Solo is in love with Ella.

Dallyn and Enzo

when I was editing out Solo's red eyes Enzo got mad that I was ruining his Laser eyes....sometimes I forget Superman's powers.

This is Zoro and his girlfriend or Ari and Joseph.