Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We love Christmas!! The pictures are good but the videos are even better....someday i will put them up.

Solomon got a super sweet cap gun with a handmade holster. Unfortunately, his hand isn't big enough to pull the trigger. He still loves it, he also got a big monster truck for outside and a little monster truck for inside. He is so cute! Whenever we are saying prayer (still, three weeks after they were received) he will interrupt to say his own thanks for his gun and both monster trucks.

 Lorenzo got his dream gift. We bought this baby back in August and it has been hiding in our room since. Santa brought him the helmet and body armor. It is amazing to see this kid ride....he has some skills....I think we all knew that anyway. It only goes 14 mph so that is good. Any faster and I would be scared.

Solo loves it when he gives him rides. It is really sweet to see. Enzo is super careful with him.

I worked forever on this "Daughter" (as solomon calls her) for Wren. She absolutely loved her. She would grab her head and kiss on her soo was beyond cute. Well, I guess Wren wasn't ready to be a Mother because she already lost it... I am really sad.

  The weather is gorgeous here!

 It only took Lorenzo a couple days to feel comfortable enough to do tricks.  This was scary for me to watch....he is fearless.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Shortly after we took these, Lorenzo had a really bad idea. It involved scissors and Solomon's hair, he then took inspiration from this photo. I almost died...a little dramatic, but true. I can look back and almost laugh...but not quite. This event was surrounded by other things that made for the worst week of Motherhood so far. Not only did he cut Solo's hair but he also cut his....again (he cut bangs a few months ago). Unfortunately, I couldn't save anything so they both got buzz cuts......and they love them. I couldn't bring myself to take after pictures so you will just have to wait to see their hair.