Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, my dear sister Deseree' and her family have moved to Tonawanda. Yes...that is wonderful. You may be wondering if they moved very close to us. Well, they are as close as it gets...two doors down, and those aren't Front doors they're a bathroom and a bedroom door. It has taken some getting used to for both parties, but I think we are going to really enjoy living together. I know that the kids have really liked being together.

This is Oliver.

This is Penelepe.

After we took these pictures I was looking at them with Penelepe and Lorenzo. Our neighbor Wesley then came over and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of me with the kids. I think that our neighbors are really confused....I think that they think Deseree' and I are the same person. We have been trying to be outside at the same time in hopes to rid them of this silly idea.

Botanical Gardens

First and foremost all of the following photos were stolen from Candice Boekweg. They say that imitation is the best compliment...I wonder what that makes plagiarism?

Anyway, we haven't done anything very exciting lately and I am getting sick of looking at my cake plate so I thought I would show you how much fun we had at the Botanical Gardens.

This is our most recent family picture.

Ezra and Avery, Chris and Enzo

I love this Photo! Thanks again Candice.

Chris Kicking my Guts out...he hates me.

Don't worry I lightning speed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cookies Anyone

Who said that Cake Plates are only for cakes?

If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and have a few.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Birthday

So, last week was my birthday week. Overall, it was a really good time. Lorenzo and I went to the movies, I had a surprise party, got a haircut, Botanical Gardens, Red Robin, piano (thats old news) and maybe my favorite gift....The Cake Plate.

I have been wanting one of these for...ummm....maybe my whole life. Finally, the wait is over. This is the carrot cake that I made for it's Christening. That was the best carrot cake of my life. I still have a couple pieces if anyone wants a piece.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to The Birthday Week, and really everyone that has contributed to my life, I have been so blessed.....AAaaawwwwWw.


I think that boys are born with the desire to walk up slides.

As you know Chris has to make a competition out of everything, I think that he was born with that desire. Well, this is his newest competition. He is so proud of the fact that he can go round 10 times and I can only go around twice.

Lorenzo is tired just thinking about it.


Chris is always telling Lorenzo that he needs to start pulling his weight around the house. Lorenzo has taken this to heart and really enjoys working on the kitchen plumbing.

"This connection here seems to be a little shaky."

"And this here is not quite right....there is only one way to remedy this..."

"PULL....with both hands....Hard."

Friday, April 4, 2008


Today as I was cleaning up lunch I heard some racket in the refrigerator. I guess Lorenzo wasn't done eating yet.

The Zoo

Yesterday was our first adventure to the Zoo. Lorenzo enjoyed the animals that he could see, especially the Giraffes, but who doesn't love giraffes. It was really nice just to be outside without shivering to death.

(photo courtesy of Candice Boekweg)